Friday, 4 January 2013

Fart Porn Girl Cassandra Cruz more farting on toilet!

Nasty Cassandra Cruz farting on toilet
Nasty Cassandra Cruz Farting on Toilet
She is a fart porn fantasy of incredible beauty, Miss Cassandra Cruz here on the toilet doing some loud, nasty farts. That may sound a little disgusting to anyone that's not witness fart domination from farting girls. But let me assure you once you have had a taste of what these free fart porn clips and videos can offer, you will become another fart fetish addict!
Cassandra Cruz farting bent over
See superstar Cassandra Cruz bent over farting

I'm not sure what it is about Cassandra Cruz farting, she talks you through it, and her latino looks and body is just soo good it leaves you wanting to spread that sexy ass of hers.

This is one of my favourite fart fetish scenes. Fart Fantasy have hit the nail on the head here as Miss Cruz really does deliver. 

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The beautiful fart porn goddess NaughtySarahAtHome farting!

Naughty Sarah At Home - Fart Porn Fem Dom
 NaughtySarahAtHome Fart Porn Queen!

Anyone interested in NaughtySarahAtHome farting? Sarah is not only my favourite girl in fart porn, but also my favourite girl in porn period! She is so stunning, but she has a dark fart fantasy side. Sarah likes to fart for our pleasure. She gets a lot from it too when she's filming her fart fetish videos!

I've seen this girl fart on her guys dick, then take it in the ass from him. Her body is a 10/10, looks 10/10 and filth 10/10. The perfect porn star, and lucky for us fart fetish girl! The videos are there, take a look!  NaughtySarahAtHome is a French Canadian gassy goddess! Her accent when she's talking dirty is incredible, and when she talks about how much she wants to fart for you it takes you over the edge!

Check out her videos and also keep a look out for more great content from this girl! She's at the top of the fart fantasy, fart domination and fart porn in league table.  Naughty Sarah At Home cannot be missed!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Lana Pheonix Fart Domination

Lana Pheonix sexy fart domination fantasy
Sexy Fart Girl Lana Pheonix

Wanna see Lana Pheonix (Phoenix) Fart? Look no further. What is it with this fart porn girl? Of all the girls farting sites Fart Domination is up with the best. That's the first time I saw Lana Pheonix. Not a natural beauty, but she is the dirtiest girl out there. Her peroxide blonde hair, fake tan, tattoos, sexy body and slightly strange beauty drives my fart fantasy sensors wild!

In her fart domination scenes, she calls invites a guy to go to work on her asshole. Which he does whilst she farts into his mouth and on is tongue, she loves it. Its crazy that she is such a slut that she will even do this. But lets enjoy it!!

She is a gassy girl who loves face farting and definitely deserves her place on this site! Click the link above to see her videos!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fart porn girl Cassandra Cruz farting on toilet

Fart Porn Fetish Girl Farting on Toilet
Beautiful Cassandra gives us a toilet fart porn show!

A special fart porn update tonight thanks to Cassandra Cruz and a toilet! The beautiful girl featured in a post last week, has been at it again. But this time she's letting it all out. Cassandra is definitely one of the hottest girls in mainstream porn, and it really is a pleasure to see her farting in front of us. I think the argument for fart porn, is that its as on the limit as you can get when it comes to fetishes. I personally don't want to see a girl shit, or shit on my face etc... I maybe don't even want a girl to actually fart in my face! However there is something sexy about watching them. They just show you with their gassy ass that they are up for anything, and that in itself is a real turn on.

This new video from Miss Cruz is a real statement I think, and will only serve to heighten the profile of fart porn, and other such sites as fart fantasy and fart domination.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tiffany Preston loves fart porn and is a dirty farting girl!

Fart Porn Fetish Pro Tiffany Preston
Fart Porn Fetish Pro Tiffany Preston

Watch Tiffany Preston Farting!
Tiffany Preston - Queen of fart porn. This girl has an incredible body and she has a huge fart fetish. I've seen her farting in mens mouths, I've seen her fart on a dick until he came! She really knows how to merge the art of porn with farting. She helps make it sexy. She's also partial to a dick up the ass and will fart all the way through it ending with nasty cum fart.

She may not be the most naturally beautiful of the fart porn girls and pornstars, but she deserves a place due to her sexy farting ass!

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Sexy Mia Bangg Fart Porn during Blow Job!

Mia Bangg Fart Porn and Blow Job
Mia Bangg Fart and Blow Job

Mia Bangg fart porn is my all time fetish fantasy. Her ass is so round and shes so dirty and sometimes she lets a sweet fart out for us all to enjoy. Can you believe my disbelief when I found this movie! Check out the link above to see her suck cock and go down so far that she lets a girl fart out! She carries on and gets fucked in her dirty fart hole!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cassandra Cruz one of my favorite pornstars girls farting!

Watch the Sexy Porn Star Cassandra Cruz farting for you!
Watch the Sexy Porn Star Cassandra Cruz farting for you!

Fart Porn is now classy Cassandra Cruz one of my favorite pornstars girls farting! She talks dirty while she does it and it really is enough to make you realise the attraction of such a fart fantasy. What surprises me is that there are mainstream pornstars that like to do femdom, face farts and other fart porn. It's a real treat in my opinion. Cassandra is so hot, the perfect latina cougar and when she bends over and gives you a treat its enough to make you explode!

Now you can see that from day 1 when I said this was a fart blog with beautiful women, not quite nasty girls like seen on sites like Fart Brazil etc...I was telling the truth! There are many more to come, including some of my favourite streamate webcam girls who like to also do fart porn. Gotta love the fart girls!